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How To Stay Cool When the AC Is Broken in Dripping Springs, TX

By May 14, 2024May 17th, 2024No Comments
how to stay cool when ac is broken

It’s no secret that our summers are intense here in Dripping Springs. With an average summer temperature of 95 degrees, AC is a crucial component of indoor comfort and safety.

The moment you notice your AC is out, it’s time to call for professional HVAC services. Fortunately, we can often prioritize these kinds of emergency calls and get to your home immediately. In rare cases, our technicians may be busy elsewhere, and it could take a few hours or days to fix your AC.

When this happens, take action. Read on to learn how to stay cool when the AC is broken.

Close Your Window Treatments

As much as you enjoy your home’s natural light, it’s time to close those shades, blinds, or curtains to cut down on summer heat. At a minimum, keep your window treatments closed during the peak heat of the day, which can last from around 10 AM to 4 PM. Keeping them closed from dawn until dusk is even better.

This step won’t necessarily cool your home down, but it will keep it from getting hotter than it already is. This is because 76% of the sunlight that hits the standard double-pane window becomes heat. Even indirect sunlight can increase indoor heat, so you’ll need to shut more than just your south-facing windows.

Set Up Fans for Maximum Wind Chill

When your air conditioner is not working on a hot day, it’s time to break out every fan you have, from stand fans to box fans to ceiling fans. For the best results, each member of your household should have at least one fan pointed directly at them. If outdoor temperatures drop at night, you can create a cooling cross breeze by putting a fan in the window pointing inward and another fan on the opposite side of the room pointing outward.

Once again, this step won’t lower your indoor air temperature. Instead, it will create the wind chill effect, which helps to evaporate sweat, reduce your body temperature, and keep you feeling more comfortable.

Take Cool Showers

If you need immediate relief, consider taking a shower in lukewarm or cool water. You can also run your hands and wrists under cool water in the sink.

The key is to stick with cool water, not ice-cold water, which can actually leave you feeling hotter. When you submerge your body in cold water, you send a signal that your body doesn’t need to sweat anymore. Plus, you trigger a regulatory response to increase your core temperature.

Visit a Dripping Springs Swimming Spot

When you can’t escape the heat, it’s time to take a dip. Dripping Springs gets its name from our many natural spring-fed swimming holes. Cypress Creek and Milton Reimers Ranch Park are two popular choices.

Before you set off in search of outdoor adventures, make sure you double-check for rules, fees, and closures. For example, Hamilton Pool Preserve currently accepts cash-only payments. While visitors are free to swim in the preserve, some of the hiking trails may be closed for maintenance.

Dampen Your Clothing

If you want to increase the cooling effect of your fans, consider dampening your clothing. As the water evaporates, it draws heat away from the skin. When the breeze of your fan hits your damp clothes, it helps the body to lose heat more rapidly.

How long can you wear damp clothing and can you wear it to bed? You may have heard that wearing wet clothing will cause you to get sick. This is an old wives tale, and you’re really only going to get sick if you come into contact with a virus.

That said, wearing wet clothing to bed may not be the most comfortable choice. Instead, consider placing a damp cloth on your forehead while you snooze.

Take Advantage of Public AC

The AC may be broken at your house, but it’s on full blast in a lot of other locations. Movie theaters are a popular choice for hot days because theaters are large, dark, and well-air-conditioned.

If you want to take advantage of public AC and don’t want to spend money, head to the community library on Sportsplex Drive. It’s free to create a library card and you’ll have access to thousands of books, free WiFi, and a comfortable place to hang out for the afternoon. Even without a library card, you’re free to enter the library and browse the available books and magazines.

Monitor Your Health

By using these tips, you can create a more comfortable environment while you wait for AC repairs. However, temperatures can break 100 degrees here in Dripping Springs. It’s important to monitor the health of everyone in your household if it’s heating up indoors.

Overheating can cause health conditions like heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. If anyone in your household exhibits signs of heat stroke or other life-threatening conditions, don’t hesitate to call 911 for emergency treatment. Symptoms of heat stroke include confusion, dizziness, and loss of consciousness.

Avoid Air Conditioner Problems with Preventative Maintenance

Keeping up with preventative maintenance can prevent AC emergencies in the summer. Our affordable HVAC maintenance program can help Dripping Springs residents stay on top of their annual inspections and repairs.

Spring is the best time to schedule an appointment with your HVAC technician. This allows us to see how your HVAC system handled a winter of heating and prepare the system for a summer of cooling. If you miss the early spring window, it’s never too late to schedule your preventative maintenance services.

How to Stay Cool When the AC Is Broken: Call Barton Creek AC

As we gear up for another summer of Texas heat, it’s important to consider the condition of your HVAC system. Knowing how to stay cool when the AC is broken is a great way to stay safe in the coming months. Putting together a preventative maintenance plan is even better.

The Barton Creek A/C Co. is a small local company with an excellent reputation for fast and customer-oriented service. We also offer free estimates and financing options to make HVAC services accessible to everyone. Contact us today to get started.