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Summer in Dripping Springs, TX: How to Adjust Your Thermostat for Maximum Efficiency

By June 17, 2024July 11th, 2024No Comments
summer thermostat setting

It’s not easy to ignore the heat during peak summer temperatures. But it is sometimes easy to forget to step back and ask yourself: Why is this room so hot?

There is a trick to thermostat settings, especially if you want to avoid overspending on your air conditioning.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at what you can expect during summer in Dripping Springs. We’ll explain how to get your summer thermostat setting perfect and ensure your air conditioning is working hard for you.

What to Expect From Summer Texas Weather

Managing your thermostat begins with looking at where you live. If you are new to Dripping Springs, you must understand a little about this part of Texas’s climate in the summer months.

Expect high temperatures. It’s common for this area to have days exceeding 90°F, but not too much humidity. However, the weather can also be a little unpredictable.

Dry, hot spells could be followed by rain showers. You will need to be able to switch your thermostat settings quickly and conveniently to keep you comfortable.

Best Thermostat Settings for Texas Summer

It’s true that most people have different ideas about the perfect indoor temperature. But there is some guidance on how to pick a temperature that’s comfortable for most people and also energy-efficient. Both factors are essential.

Let’s start with the official recommendations from the US Department of Energy. Their guidance is to set your thermostat to around 78°F when you’re at home. This temperature will keep you comfortable and won’t strain your air conditioning unit too much.

However, if you are seeking to save money, you may want to move away from this guidance for nighttime temperatures.

When the outdoor temperature drops, your summer HVAC system does not need to work as hard, so you can increase the indoor temperature to the mid-80s, which is still comfortable for sleeping.

How To Program Thermostat

Cooling your home efficiently means using a programmable or smart thermostat. It saves energy and offers convenience for you because you can set temperature rules in advance and forget about them.

You’ll need a base temperature for your thermostat, so set this to 78 degrees or at the most comfortable temperature. This is the default.

Next, adjust these settings for when you are away, increasing it by around 10 degrees. You may also set a slightly higher nighttime temperature.

Most modern thermostats are easy to set and come with a digital display. But if in doubt, seek an expert like our team.

Lower Humidity With Air Conditioner or Dehumidifier

Although the heat in Dripping Springs, TX tends to be dry rather than humid, it’s essential to know how to adjust your thermostat when humidity levels peak.

When humidity levels are high, the indoor temperature may feel higher and more uncomfortable. That can prompt your air conditioner to work harder to reduce those temperatures.

One way to counter this is to use a dehumidifier in your home.

Modern ones are powerful and can reduce humidity by a third, making the indoor temperature more pleasant on the hottest days. You can also protect your home from humid days by ensuring it is well-sealed.

How to Make the Most of Energy Saving Thermostats

The benefit of modern thermostats is that they have lots of built-in energy-saving features. So, when setting your temperature, take advantage of these. They can save you money.

With a programmable thermostat, for example, you can set different temperatures throughout the day.

That technology ensures it’s always adjusted when you’re at work, helping you avoid expensive bills from accidentally leaving the air conditioning running when you don’t need it.

Some models also provide helpful reports showing when and how you use your air conditioning, which can help you pinpoint areas where you can save money.

The most cutting-edge systems offer automatic settings that use geo-tracking technology to monitor when you are out of the house and will change your thermostat accordingly.

HVAC Preventative Maintenance and an Efficient Thermostat

It’s not only the numbers you see on the control screen that matters with your HVAC unit.

A system that runs efficiently is also one of the most essential steps in getting that perfect indoor temperature. Maintenance is vital, and you should have an inspection on your HVAC unit before the hottest months hit.

The first task on any maintenance list is the air filters. These need cleaning and, when worn, will need replacing. Otherwise, they could impede your airflow.

You should also check air vents to ensure no blocks could impact how effectively you cool your house. All these inspections are best done by a professional team like ours.

We have a process to ensure you get a thorough inspection from experts trained to look for the small stuff and ensure your HVAC system is in the best working order for when you need it.

Don’t Forget About Home Insulation

When you set your thermostat, you must also consider how hard your house works to keep you cool. In other words, you need excellent insulation to get the most efficient setup for your home.

A well-insulated property will hold cool air inside and stop it from escaping, so you won’t waste money on air conditioning that seeps from every gap in walls, windows, ductwork, and doors.

Your home will feel comfortable and cool, whatever room you are in.

Also, a well-insulated house reduces pressure on your air conditioning unit, improving its longevity and lowering the risk of breaking down.

Contact The Barton Creek A/C Co LLC for AC Service in Dripping Springs, TX and Surrounding Cities

Nothing will slow your day quite as effectively as sitting in an uncomfortable hot room during the summer.

Avoid that by taking a proactive approach to your HVAC unit and establishing a summer thermostat setting that keeps you cool but doesn’t leave you with excessive energy bills.

Our trusted team can help with that.

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